Making Life Easier

How to use IT to grow your Property Business

Making Life Easier

How to use IT to grow your Property Business

by John Cooke


My name is John Cooke. I used to work in the corporate world for a number of Top IT Companies, before becoming a successful property investor.

I now help property investors systemise their property businesses, by leveraging technology to overcome common challenges.

Join others, who have systemised their property businesses and now have more time to focus on sourcing deals and building a portfolio.

– John

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7 Steps

Absolutely fantastic content! Very inspirational and I really feel that I got so many questions answered, you gave really great value!

Joe Lowton – Imperial Property

For anyone contemplating this day but dithering, please just do it! I feel so much more in control and efficient! I, being naturally tight, put it off. I seriously wish I had done this earlier! 

Andrew Lindsey

Thanks for a fantastic day John, its nice to have the systems all in place and lots of other valued knowledge picked up throughout the day.

Howard Shaw – HRS Property

I have been ‘systemised’ by John. It was well-worth it. I’m now paperless! Thanks John!

Carole Williams

Thanks John for all your hard work! Also thank you for your patience and support in getting this up and running! 

Alexander Seery –

Hi John, thank you very much for today. Really useful stuff and I’ve learnt an awful lot! All of the systems will help me no end.

David Granat – DCG Property

Well worth the money and a thoroughly top bloke

Michael Kalisperas – ViewGreen Property

It was really useful to get away from the office and focus on systems and processes for the day with John. I can now use the processes we put together to outsource to my new PA! And I can’t believe how powerful Pipelines are!

Darren Kirby – Your Property Company